Reflections from Advent 2023 to the present (Revised Common Lectionary Year B)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
07/07/2024Weak, but strongRev Christian HohlPentecost 7Btext
30/06/2024Jesus, Healing and TimeAllison GentlePentecost 6Btextvideo
23/06/2024Church beyond?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 5Btextvideo
16/06/2024Flying kites of compassion and joyRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 4Btextvideo
09/06/2042Family belonging? Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 3Btextvideo
02/06/2024Treasure in clay jarsRev Penny JonesPentecost 2Btextvideo
26/05/2024Reclaiming the Trinity as Kin: a thought experiment on Sorry DayRev Dr Garry Worete DeverellTrinity Sunday Btextvideo
19/052024A Personal Experience of PentecostGillian HuntDay of Pentecost Btextvideo
12/05/2024Ascension of the LordRev David GillEaster 7Btextvideo
05/05/2024What climate change means to us
as people of faith
Trinity Ford, Dave Cahilap and Bill ThomasEaster 6Btextvideo
28/04/2024‘Do you understand what you are reading?’: sacred ambiguity and unclobbering scripture Rev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 5Btextvideo
21/04/2024To be known and lovedRev Lorenzo Rodriguez-TorresEaster 4Bvideo
14/04/2024Jesus as story Rev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 3Btextvideo
31/03/2024The strange transforming truths
of resurrection
Rev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster Day Btextvideo
29/03/2024What kind of a Cross?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinGood Friday Btextvideo
24/03/2024A Green-er Day?Rev Penny JonesPalm Sundaytextvideo
17/03/2024Transformed through buried seedRev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 5B (St Patrick's Day)textvideo
10/03/2024Jesus the snake?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 4Btextvideo
03/03/2024Becoming who we really are - Temples of God!Benjamin OhLent 3B (Mardi Gras)textvideo
25/02/2024A conversation with Traidy NaidooRev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Traidi NaidooLent 2Bvideo
18/02/2024Time and transformationRev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 1Btextvideo
11/02/2024Jesus, the law & the prophetsAllison GentleTransfiguration Btextvideo
04/02/2024On not being kaka:Rev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 5Btextvideo
28/01/2024regarding demons and eagles’ wingsRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 4Btextvideo
21/01/2024From mission field to mission force?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 3B (Day of Mourning)textvideo
14/01/2024The strangeness of callingsRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 2Btextvideo
07/01/2024Beginning BelovedRev Penny JonesEpiphany 1 (The Baptism of Jesus)textvideo
31/12/2023Which gifts for 2024?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinChristmas 1B (Approaching Epiphany)textvideo
25/12/2023The Risk of LoveRev Penny JonesChristmas Daytextvideo
24/12/2023On not straightening out ChristmasRev Dr Josephine Inkpin. (With Metropolitan Community Church Sydney)Christmas Eve 8 pmtextvideo
24/12/2023Word out of junkRev Dr Josephine InkpinAdvent 4B; Christmas Eve; 10 amtextvideo
17/12/2023Joy in the depthsRev Dr Josephine InkpinAdvent 3Btextvideo
10/12/2023The flower of a newborn handWarren TalbotAdvent 2Btextvideo
03/12/2023Awakening in AdventRev Dr Josephine InkpinAdvent 1Btextvideo

Reflections from Advent 2022 to community of Christ 2023 (Revised Common Lectionary Year A)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
26/11/2023On bowls, sheep and goatsRev Penny JonesCommunity of Christ textvideo
19/11/2023Burying treasure as divine resistanceRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 25Atextvideo
12/11/2023The Global ChurchDr Sureka GoringePentecost 24Atextvideo
05/11/2023The VisitationKerry HollandPentecost 23 Atextvideo
29/10/2023Whom Shall I Send ?Pastor Susan RussellPentecost 22Atextvideo
22/10/2023Beyond an ApologyElizabeth LeePentecost 21A (Safe Church Sunday)textvideo
15/10/2023Recognition, Healing and RenewalAllison GentlePentecost 20A (Day after the Voice Referendum)textvideo
08/10/2023Whole-making with the lore of loveRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 19Atextvideo
01/10/2023Why Worry?Rev Bill ThomasCreation 5Atextvideo
24/09/2023Filipino MosesRev Dr Josephine InkpinCreation 4Atextvideo
17/09/2023“Magic Realism” and Earth HealingRev Dr Josephine InkpinCreation 3Atextvideo
10/09/2023Adjusting the Lens
to Tell a Bigger Story
Rev Penny JonesCreation 2Atextvideo
03/09/2023Earth's DesireRev Dr Josephine InkpinCreation 1Atextvideo
27/08/2023Doctrine worth confessingRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 13Atextvideo
20/08/2023Speaking in crumbsRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 12Atextvideo
13/08/2023Participating with God's work in the neighbourhood and worldRev Dr Karina KreminskiPentecost 11Atextvideo
06/08/2023Hiroshima DayJoy Connor and Lisa WrileyPentecost 10Avideo
30/07/2023Lived ExperiencesHelen Boerma and Meredith KnightPentecost 9Atextvideo
23/07/2023The Kin-dom of God is here.Rev Hee Won ChangPentecost 8Atextvideo
16/07/2023Interpreting parables in different waysRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 7Atextvideo
09/07/2023The Good bad book and the easy yokeRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 6Atextvideo
02/07/2023Simple words that can be so hardRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 5A, Naidoc Weektextvideo
25/06/2023Steps and shapes
beyond shadows and separations
Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 4 Atextvideo
18/06/2023Laughter amid the thorns and goldRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 3 Atextvideo
11/06/2023On bleeding and reaching out for loveRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 2 Atextvideo
04/06/2023What’s in the NameRev Penny JonesTrinity Sunday Atextvideo
28/05/2023The call of the SpiritAllison Gentle and Kate SchollPentecost A, Reconciliation Sundaytextvideo
21/05/2023Getting Past the BonesRev David GillEaster 7Atextvideo
14/04/2023Sensing the SpiritJolyon BromleyEaster 6Atextvideo
30/04/2023What kind of shepherds?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 4 Atext
16/04/2023Resurrecting WoundsRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 2Atextvideo
09/04/2023Father George and the New CreationRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster Day Atextvideo
07/04/2023Bearing sufferingRev Dr Josephine InkpinGood Friday Atextvideo
02/04/2023A Reflective Drama for Palm SundayPitt St PlayersPalm Sunday Atextvideo
26/03/2023Lazarus lifeRev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 5Atextvideo
19/03/2023Seeing the disabled GodWarren TalbotLent 4Atextvideo
12/03/2023All desires knownRev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 3Atextvideo
05/03/2023Considering Nicodemus, light and darknessRev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 2A (and end of Sydney WorldPride)textvideo
26/02/2023Remember That You Are DivineJayne Ozanne in conversation with Rev Josephine InkpinLent 1Atextvideo
19/02/2023Through the looking glass: transfiguration is a queer thingRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 7A - Transfigurationtextvideo
12/02/2023God calls us for a greater gift of loveRev Alimoni TaumoepeauEpiphany 6Atextvideo
05/02/2023Salty SpiritualityRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 5Atextvideo
29/01/2023Let go, let grow, let glitterRev Penny Jones and Rev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 4Atextvideo
22/01/2023Seeking justiceRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 3Atext
15/01/2023Invited to divine praise and enjoymentRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 2Atextvideo
08/01/2023The Veil OpensJolyon BromleyEpiphany 1Atextvideo
01/01/2023Tomorrow's World?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinChristmas 1Atextvideo
25/12/2022The angels are here! – Look, Hear – Here!Rev Penny Jones Christmas Day Atextvideo
24/12/2022Breaking and birthing Rev Dr Josephine InkpinChristmas Eve Atext
18/12/2022A Rather Ordinary MiracleRev Penny Jones Advent 4Atextvideo
11/12/2022Blooming with Justice and JoyRev Dr Josephine Inkpin Advent 3Atextvideo
04/12/2022Disturbing angels in the wildernessRev Penny Jones Advent 2Atextvideo
27/11/2022Receiving angelsRev Dr Josephine Inkpin Advent 1Atextvideo

Reflections from Advent 2021 to community of Christ 2022 (Revised Common Lectionary Year C)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
20/11/2022On dragonflies drawing flame Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 24Ctextvideo
13/11/2022Misdirection and singing a new songRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 23Ctextvideo
06/11/2022On not complicating resurrectionRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 22Ctextvideo
30/10/2022Habakkuk and Lament and Silence
in the Church
Jade E H TaylorPentecost 21Ctext
23/10/2022Pathways to HumilityRev Dr Garry Worete DeverellPentecost 20Ctextvideo
16/10/2022Towards A Safe and Courageous ChurchElizabeth LeePentecost 19Ctextvideo
09/10/2022Questions from the story of Jesus and the LepersDr Sally LongleyPentecost 18Ctextvideo
02/10/2022Smelling the roses: honouring God in different guises Rev Dr Josephine InkpinCreation 5Ctextvideo
25/09/2022The parable of Lazarus and Dives through an environmental lensThea OrmerodCreation 4Ctextvideo
18/09/2022Why and how do we celebrate the Season of Creation?Warren Talbot, Lyn Eggins and Gerard McEvillyCreation 3Ctextvideo
11/09/2022Dadirri, gan'na, deep listeningDr Liesa ClagueCreation 2Cvideo
04/09/2022Called to be Priests of Creation, In Light and ShadowRev Dr Josephine InkpinCreation 1Ctextvideo
28/08/2022Insiders, Outsiders
and the Call for God’s Grace
Rev Dr Elenie Poulos Pentecost 12Ctextvideo
21/08/2022Bending and unbendingRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 11Ctextvideo
14/08/2022Celebrating and continuing our storiesRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 10Ctextvideo
07/08/2022Treasure Beyond Bankruptcy? Rev Penny JonesPentecost 9Ctextvideo
31/07/2022Making sense of itKevin DallasPentecost 8Ctext
24/07/2022Experiencing the SpiritAllison Gentle and Alison WishartPentecost 7Ctextvideo
17/07/2022Better or best?
Beyond the binaries in Luke
Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 6Ctextvideo
10/07/2022The impossible hospitality of the SamaritanRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 5Ctextvideo
03/07/2022Myall Creek Massacre Rev Lionel RobsonPentecost 4C; NAIDOC week
26/06/2022Queering the MantleRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 3Ctextvideo
19/6/2022Cartoon or Charter for Compassion and Courage?– Jesus, the Gerasene and the PigsRev Penny JonesPentecost 2C; Uniting Church 45th Anniversarytextvideo
12/06/2022Honouring the name afreshRev Dr Josephine InkpinTrinity Ctextvideo
05/06/2022Ghost no moreRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost Ctextvideo
29/05/2022What do reconciliation and unity look like now?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinWeek of Prayer for Reconciliation and for Christian Unitytextvideo
22/02/2022Super-abundanceRev Radhika Sukumar-WhiteEaster 6C Ascensiontextvideo
15/05/2022Tears, Love, JusticeSteve WalkerdenEaster 5Ctextvideo
08/05/2022My Neighbour, My VoteRev Dr David GillEaster 4Ctextvideo
01/05/2022Changing through the sacramentsRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 3Ctextvideo
24/04/2022How does the story end?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 2Ctextvideo
17/04/2022Renewing HeartsRev Penny JonesEaster Daytextvideo
15/04/2022Hearts are Torn ApartRev Dr Josephine InkpinGood Friday Ctextvideo
10/04/2022Green HeartsRev Penny Jones Palm Sunday Ctextvideo
03/04/2022Embarrassing Generosity –
for body and soul
Rev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 5Ctextvideo
27/03/2022Coming Home with Generous HospitalityRev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Mikali AnagnostisLent 4Ctextvideo
20/03/2022Tending the fig treeRev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 3Ctextvideo
13/03/2022Singing the Song of the Mother Hen: Listening for the ‘hidden ones’ Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Rev Penny JonesLent 2Ctextvideo
06/03/2022Repairing the breachRev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 1Ctextvideo
27/02/2022Transfiguring LoveRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 8Ctextvideo
20/02/2022Jesus jujitsuRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 7Ctextvideo
13/02/2022Walking Together Nathan TysonEpiphany 6Ctextvideo
6/02/2022Who is hooked?Rev Penny JonesEpiphany 5Ctextvideo
30/01/2022Living upside downRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 4C, Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (Candlemas)textvideo
23/01/2022Relationship, Galgala, YabunRev Dr Josephine InkpinEpiphany 3C, Day of Mourningtextvideo
16/01/2022A Litany of HopeJolyon Bromley, Vera Tibbertsma,
Vivien Langford and Allison Gentle
Epophany 2Ctextvideo
9/01/2022The baptism of Jesus and hopeWarren TalbotBaptism of Jesus Ctextvideo
02/01/2022Down to earth stargazersRev Lionel Robson Epiphany Ctextunavailable
26/12/2021Two stories. They both can’t be right!Rev Bill ThomasChristmas 1C - St. Stephen’s Daytextvideo
25/12/2021Of Inns, Mangers and Sheep Rev Penny JonesChristmas Day Ctextunavailable
24/12/2021A Children’s Festival for Grown-Ups?Rev Penny JonesChristmas Eve Ctextunavailable
19/12/2021Being interruptedElizabeth LeeAdvent 4Ctextvideo
12/12/2021Silence, Dreams and Strength Rev Penny JonesAdvent 3Ctextvideo
5/12/2021Baptised to magnify loveRev Dr Josephine InkpinAdvent 2Ctextvideo
28/11/2021Hope Beyond QueasinessRev Dr Josephine InkpinAdvent Ctextvideo