Reflections from Advent 2020 to the present (Revised Common Lectionary Year B)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
19/09/3021What Would Jesus Do – about climate change? Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin, Gerard McEvilly & Vivien LangfordCreation 3Btextvideo
12/09/2021An Adventure in Beauty and GraceMembers of Glenbrook Uniting Church and othersCreation 2Btextvideo
05/09/2021How do we relate to the Earth?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinCreation 1Btextvideo
29/08/2021On tradition not being a stuffed gorillaRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 14Btextvideo
22/08/2021Feeding through experienceRev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Rev Penny JonesPentecost 13Btextvideo
15/08/2021How do we feed on scripture?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 12Btextvideo
08/08/2021Bread of LifeMarion Maddox, Helen Sanderson and Jolyon BromleyPentecost 11Btextvideo
01/08/2021What is there to eat?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 10Btextvideo
25/7/2021The Road Seen, Then Not Seen Rev Dr Sarah BachelardPentecost 9Btextvideo
18/07/2021Touching Points and Entry WaysRev Penny JonesPentecost 8Btextvideo
11/07/2021Are these the stories we want to hear? Are these the stories we need to hear?
Elizabeth LeePentecost 7B, end of NAIDOC Weektextvideo
04/07/2021Travelling light – with or without honourRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 6Btextvideo
27/06/2021Risky Interruptions and Crossing Over – attraversiamo!Rev Penny JonesPentecost 5Btextvideo
20/06/2021Can we go back from where we came fromAunty Pearl WymarraPentecost 4Btextvideo
13/06/2021Living as parables and artistsRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 3Btextvideo
06/06/2021The Early Christian Sense of Wonder at God’s CreationProtopresbyter Dr Doru CostachePentecost 2Btextvideo
30/05/2021Reconciliation SundayRev Lionel Robson, Meredith Knight, and Ruth LambertTrinity Btextvideo
23/05/2021Pentecost Imaginings Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Rev Penny JonesPentecost Btextvideo
16/05/2021Uniting as the oceansRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 7Btextvideo
09/05/2021The good news of love, fruit and friendsRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 6Btextvideo
02/05/2021Where are we going to live?Rev Penny JonesEaster 5Btextvideo
25/04/2021Myths, memories and making peaceRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 4B (Anzac Day)textvideo
18/04/2021When God was a fishRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 3Btextvideo
11/04/2021Praying the Body ElectricRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 2Btextvideo
04/04/2021What is Resurrection for us?Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Rev Penny JonesEaster Day Btextvideo
02/04/2021Seven Circles of SufferingRev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Rev Penny JonesGood Friday Btextvideo
28/03/2021Becoming the wonky donkey - Jesus’ flash mob and the queer art of failureRev Dr Josephine InkpinPalm Sunday Btextvideo
21/03/2021Care - Love’s endeavour. Love’s expense? Rev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 5Btextvideo
14/03/2021Induction of Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin Dr Miriam Pepper textvideo
14/03/2021What is the spirit saying to the people?Jolyon BromleyLent 4Btextvideo
07/03/2021Upturning The TablesElizabeth LeeLent 3Btextvideo
28/02/2021Turning pointsRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellLent 2Btextvideo
21/02/2021The WildernessRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasLent 1Btextvideo
14/02/2021Crossing the thresholdRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellTransfiguration Btextvideo
07/02/2021What is Good News in a time of polarisation?Rev Karyn Burchell-ThomasEpiphany 5Btextvideo
31/01/2021“The Christian ethic of love and freedom”Allison ForrestEpiphany 4Btextvideo
24/01/2021Pushed to strange placesRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellDay of Mourning Btextvideo
17/01/2021Come and SeeDr Byron SmithEpiphany 2B textvideo
10/01/2021Hope and the waters of baptismWarren TalbotBaptism of Jesus Btextvideo
3/01/2021 Deep ListeningJolyon BromleyChristmas 2Btextvideo
27/12/2020Birth done … now what?Rev Gareth Thomas-BurchellChristmas 1Btextvideo
25/12/2020An Unhurried ChristmasRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasChristmas Day Btextvideo
20/12/2020Waiting with LoveRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasAdvent 4Btextvideo
13/12/2020Defiant JoyRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellAdvent 3Btextvideo
6/12/2020Waiting for Peace Rev Karyn Burchell-ThomasAdvent 2Btextvideo
29/11/2020Advent is not finiteRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellAdvent 1Btextvideo