Reflections 2016-2018

Reflections from Advent 2017 to Community of Christ 2018 (Revised Common Lectionary Year B)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
25/11/2018Dreaming of a RevolutionRev Dr Margaret MaymanCommunity of Christ Btextvideo
18/11/2018What are congregations for?Dr Dean ElandPentecost 26Btextvideo
11/11/2018Remembering and Reclaiming our Common HumanityRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 25Btextvideo
04/11/2018Meditation on Gospel of MarkC Coghill, L Watson, R Floyd, G HuntPentecost 24Btextvideo
28/10/2018Mental Health MonthRev Dr M Mayman & Ms K GernerPentecost 23Btextvideo
21/10/2018A power of goodRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 22Btextvideo
14/10/2018Suffering and searching for meaningRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 21Btextvideo
07/10/2018Social PioneersElaine & John TelfordPentecost 20Btextvideo
30/09/2018RiversMs K Gerner, Rev I BishopCreation 5B River Sundaytext
23/09/2018Celebration MountainsMr Craig LinnCreation 4B Mountain Sundaytextvideo
16/09/2018Sheltering SkyRev Dr Margaret MaymanCreation 3B Sky Sundaytextvideo
09/09/2018Stories for life on earthRev Dr Margaret MaymanCreation 2B Humanity Sundaytextvideo
02/09/2018Walk gently with earthMr Warren TalbotCreation 1B Earth Sundaytextvideo
12/08/2018Love and angerRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 12Btextvideo
22/07/2018Silence and spiritRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 9Btextvideo
15/07/2018Prophet problemsRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 8Btextvideo
08/07/2018Out into the worldRev Clare BrockettPentecost 7Btextvideo
01/07/2018To love in spite of riskRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 6Btextvideo
24/06/2018Reflections on Issues before the 15th UCAB Irvine, Suzanne Leal, S WalkerdenUCA 41st Anniversarytextvideo
17/06/2018Welcoming the stranger in an inhospitable climateMr John O'BrienRefugee Weektextvideo
10/06/2018World Environment DayE Maddox, G McEvilly, V LangfordPentecost 3Btextvideo
03/06/2018Rule bound or living in Liberty?Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 2Btextvideo
27/05/2018Walking on CountryMargaret Mayman, Clare Brockett, Gillian HuntReconciliation Sundaytextvideo
20/05/2018God EverywhereRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost Btextvideo
13/05/2018Ordinary People - Beautiful ThingsRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 7Btextvideo
06/05/2018Re-imagining CommuntionMr Jolyon BromleyEaster 6Btextvideo
29/04/2018Beloved Community - the fruit of the vineRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 5Btextvideo
22/04/2018Anzac Day 2018Mr Ron Brown, Mr Des PerryEaster 4Btextvideo
15/04/2018Wrestling with ResurrectionMr Kevin DallasEaster 3Btextvideo
08/04/2018Touch Me and SeeRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 2Btextvideo
01/04/2018Resurrection - the space in betweenRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster Day Btextvideo
25/03/2018Palm Sunday BRev Simon Hansford, Moderator, Synod of NSW ACTPalm Sunday Btextvideo
18/03/2018A New Way of LivingRev Dr Magaret MaymanLent 5Btextvideo
11/03/2018God is the Recollection of Steady LoveRev Dr Magaret MaymanLent 4Btextvideo
25/02/2018Leonard Cohen for LentRev Dr Magaret MaymanLent 2Btextvideo
18/02/2018From the Edges Seek the HeartlandsRev Dr Magaret MaymanLent 1Btextvideo
11/02/2018Sacred Spaces, Think PlacesRev Dr Magaret MaymanTransfiguration Btextvideo
04/02/2018Service CallMs Cynthia CoghillEpiphany 5Btextvideo
28/01/2018Healing Your Own Hearts FirstRev Dr Magaret MaymanEpiphany 4Btextvideo
21/01/2018A Sacred RockMs C. Ashcroft, Mr J BromleyEpiphany 3Btextvideo
14/01/2018A Call for the Remains of the DayRev Dr Magaret MaymanEpiphany 2Btextvideo
07/01/2018Baptism, Beginning and BelongingRev Dr Magaret MaymanEpiphany 1Btextvideo
07/01/2018Considering a Future for Our ChildrenMs R. Floyd; Ms H Boerma; Ms C LangfordChristmas 1Btextvideo
25/12/2017Christmas Day BRev Dr Magaret MaymanChristmas Day Btextvideo
24/12/2017Christmas Eve BRev Dr Magaret MaymanChristmas Eve Btextvideo
24/12/2017Hope Embodied, Liberation PromisedRev Dr Magaret MaymanAdvent 4Btextvideo
17/12/2017The Very Public and Political Coming of the Prince of PeaceRev Elanie PoulosAdvent 3Btextvideo
10/12/2017Maria Panov's ChristmasPitt Street PlayersAdvent 2Bno textvideo
03/12/2017Coming of the Prince of PeaceRev Dr Magaret MaymanAdvent 1Btextvideo

Reflections from Advent 2016 to Community of Christ 2017 (Revised Common Lectionary Year A)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
26/11/2017The Evolved SheepRev Meredith KnightPentecost 25Atextvideo
19/11/2017Threads of Hope and ResistanceMr Warren TalbotPentecost 24Atextvideo
12/11/2017The Good Oil that Fuels Love and JusticRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 23Atextvideo
29/10/2017Starting with QuestionsRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 21Atextvideo
22/10/2017Confounding EmpireRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 20Atextvideo
08/10/2017Rule BoundRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 18Atextvideo
01/10/2017Mental Health - engagement and responseDr Michael DudleyPentecost 17Atextvideo
24/09/2017Deepening the DialogueMr Jolyon BromleyPentecost 16Atextvideo
17/09/2017Interfaith VoicesRev Dr Margaret Mayman and othersPentecost 15Ano textvideo
10/09/2017Who is my Mother, who is my Brother?Ms Helen SandersonPentecost 14Atextvideo
03/09/2017The Challenge of InterfaithMr Jolyon BromleyPentecost 13Atextvideo
27/08/2017Many and One (read by Clare Brockett)Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 12Atextvideo
20/08/2017The Generosity of God … more than we can imagineMs Robin FloydPentecost 11Atextvideo
13/08/2017Walking on water - fear of falling/failingRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 10Atextvideo
06/08/2017Nourishing Dignity - celebrating all of lifeRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 9Atextvideo
30/07/2017Clues to the Kingdom of GodMs Dawn RobsonPentecost 8Atextvideo
23/07/2017Promises, Promises (read by Clare Brockett)Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 7Atextvideo
16/07/2017Returning HomeRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 6Atextvideo
09/07/2017And I will give you restRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 5Atextvideo
02/07/2017A Captured GodMr Ben SkermanPentecost 4Atextvideo
25/06/201740th Anniversary of Uniting Church in AustraliaRev Shirley Maddox; Mr Bruce Irvineformer Moderators of UACtextvideo
18/06/2017Refugee SundayMr Sameh DakhllahPentecost 2Atextvideo
11/06/2017World Environment SundayRev Jessica MorthorpeTrinity Sunday Atextvideo
04/06/2017Pentecost SundayRev Dr Margaret Mayman; Ms Rachel CollisPentecost Atextvideo
28/05/2017Walking on Bundjalung CountryMs Katy GernerEaster 7Atextvideo
21/05/2017God UnknownRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 6Atextvideo
07/05/2017Trouble and FearsRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 4Atextvideo
30/04/2017Broken Bread - and each otherRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 3Atextvideo
23/04/2017We Who have not SeenMr Paul CotterellEaster 2Atextvideo
16/04/2017Recognising Resurrection NowRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster Atextvideo
02/04/2017Expectant UncertaintyDr Elizabeth WatsonLent 5Atextvideo
26/03/2017Grounded VisionRev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 4Atextvideo
19/03/2017Jesus, Gender and RaceRev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 3Atextvideo
12/03/2017Born of Water, Born of SpiritRev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 2Atextvideo
05/03/2017Addiction, Temptation and Grace: God for meMr Warren TalbotLent 1Atextvideo
26/02/2017Love Changes EverythingRev Dr Margaret MaymanTransfiguration Atextvideo
19/02/2017Enemy Love as VocationRev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 7Atextvideo
12/02/2017Rachel Collis in SongMs Rachel CollisEpiphany 6Ano textvideo
05/02/2017Let Your Life ShineMs Helen BoermaEpiphany 5Atextvideo
29/01/2017Blessings for Us and Our WorldRev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 4Atextvideo
22/01/2017Follow me… I need youRev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 3Atextvideo
15/01/2017Weaving Kindness into Daily Life Rev Clare BrockettEpiphany 2Atextvideo
08/01/2017Beloved One - Beloved Community Rev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 1Atextvideo
01/01/2017Lament for the ChildrenRev Dr Margaret MaymanChristmas 1Atextvideo
25/12/2016Tell Us Who We Are…Rev Dr Margaret MaymanChristmas Day Atextvideo
24/12/2016Heaven Touching Earth Rev Dr Margaret MaymanChristmas Eve Atextvideo
18/12/2016Reconsidering Joseph - faithfulness & imagination Rev Dr Margaret MaymanAdvent 4Atextvideo
11/12/2016Tidings of Comfort and Joy? Seriously? Rev Dr Margaret MaymanAdvent 3Atextvideo
04/12/2016Hope Balancing on a Precarious Perch Rev Meredith KnightAdvent 2Atextvideo
27/11/2016Hope, Actually Rev Dr Margaret MaymanAdvent 1Atextvideo

Reflections from Advent 2015 to Community of Christ 2016 (Revised Common Lectionary Year C)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
20/11/2016Rediscovering Christ in communityRev Dr Margaret MaymanReign of Christ Ctextvideo
13/11/2016When the dust settlesRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 26Ctextvideo
06/11/2016Glory Days and Better Days Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 25Ctextvideo
30/10/2016Voices and Visions for Justice Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 24Ctextvideo
23/10/2016Learning and Growing with Humility Ms Ruth LambertPentecost 23Ctextvideo
16/10/2016Nourishing Soul, Nurturing Spirit Mr Jolyon BromleyPentecost 22Ctextvideo
09/10/2016Caring and ‘the unified field’ Dr Elizabeth WatsonCarers Weektextvideo
02/10/2016World Communion Day Rev Raymond JosoWorld Communion Daytextvideo
25/09/2016Cosmos Sunday Earthweb TeamCreation 4Ctextvideo
18/09/2016We are perishing. Where is your faith? Rev Elenie PoulosCreation 3Ctextvideo
11/09/2016Connected to creatures in life and care Rev Dr Margaret MaymanCreation 2Ctextvideo
04/09/2016Oceans of Life Rev Dr Margaret MaymanCreation 1Ctextvideo
28/08/2016A Place At The Table Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 15Ctextvideo
21/08/2016Take Back the Faith Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 14Ctextvideo
14/08/2016Love Songs for God Who is Love Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 13Ctextvideo
07/08/2016Faith? Ms Kathryn LynchPentecost 12Ctextvideo
31/07/2016Money and Meaning Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 11Ctextvideo
24/07/2016What About Prayer Dr Val WebbPentecost 10Ctextvideo
23/07/2016Testing Tradition & Liberating Theology Dr Val WebbLecture by Dr Val Webbtextvideo
17/07/2016Bach Cantata celebrating the ReformationPitt Street Singers and FriendsPentecost 9CListvideo
10/07/2016Who is My Neighbour? Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 8Ctextvideo
03/07/2016Peace Journeys Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 7Ctextvideo
26/06/2016 Images from "The Arrival" by Shaun Tan Refugee Sunday Cno textvideo
19/06/2016Uniting Church AnniversaryRev Dr Raymond JosoUniting Church Anniversaryno textvideo
12/06/2016A Good Presence Mr Kevin DallasPentecost 4Ctextvideo
05/06/2016St Paul takes on the fundamentalists Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 3Ctextvideo
29/05/2016We are one with God and all people Rev Ivan RobertsReconciliation Sunday Ctextvideo
22/05/2016Things are not the same in Joppa these days Rev Dr Robin MyersPentecost 1Ctextvideo
21/05/2016Reuniting Science and Religion Rev Dr Robin MyersCommon Dreams on the Roadtextvideo
21/05/2016The Underground Church Rev Dr Robin MyersCommon Dreams on the Roadtextvideo
20/05/2016Saving Jesus From the Church Rev Dr Robin MyersLecture in Progressive Theologytextvideo
15/05/2016Pentecost Sunday Rev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost Ctextvideo
08/05/2016Mother's Day, Mother's Work and Mother Earth Rev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 7Ctextvideo
01/05/2016Conversation with Hong Kong CitizensEaster 6Cno textvideo
24/04/2016Jewish-Muslim Social Experiment Rev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 5Ctextvideo
17/04/2016Rennie Schmid in conversation with Warren Talbot?Easter 4Cno textno video
10/04/2016New Beginnings Rev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 3Ctextvideo
03/04/2016Bread broken, eyes open; Christa is here Rev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 2Ctextvideo
27/03/2016Invitation to Resurrection Rev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster Sunday Ctextvideo
25/03/2016Stations of the CrossGood Friday Cno textvideo
20/03/2016A tale of two processionsRev Dr Margaret MaymanPalm Sunday Ctextvideo
13/03/2016Celebration in the midst of pain Rev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 5Ctextvideo
28/02/2016Moments of Crisis, Moments of GraceRev Dr David GillLent 3Ctextvideo
21/02/2016Love and BelongingRev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 2Ctextvideo
14/02/2016Lent - a journey of life-affirming discoveryRev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 1Ctextvideo
07/02/2016God's unlikely choicesRev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 5Ctextvideo
31/01/2016By love we are known...Rev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 4Ctextvideo
24/01/2016Bearing justice - bringing hopeRev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 3Ctextvideo
17/01/2016Act for Peace, Inernational Aid Agency, NCCAMr Douglas StewartEpiphany 2Ctextvideo
10/01/2016Home by another WayRev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany Ctextvideo
03/01/2016New Life Out of DisasterMr Ben SkermanChristmas 2Ctextvideo
25/12/2015The Humanity of God - the Divinity of HumanityRev Dr Margaret MaymanChristmas Day Ctextvideo
24/12/2015The Sacred Memory of Birthing GodRev Dr Margaret MaymanChristmas Eve Ctextvideo
20/12/2015Theme: Representations of MaryRev Dr Margaret MaymanAdvent 4Ctextvideo
13/12/2015Readings and Messiah ExcerptsReadings and Messiah ExcerptsAdvent 3Cno textvideo
06/12/2015Worth RefiningDr Jenny ReathAdvent 2Ctextvideo
06/12/2015Induction of Revd Ken Day to St Stephens UCRev Dr Margaret MaymanInduction Ken Daytextno video
29/11/2015People's Climate March, Advent themeRev Dr Margaret MaymanAdvent 1Ctextvideo