Reconciliation & Frontier Services

A Journey For All Australians – Part 1

We spoke to some members of the Frontier Services family about what this year’s National Reconciliation Week theme ‘In This Together’ means for them. In this article, the first of a two-part series, we catch up with our Bush Chaplain, Benjamin Quilliam and share his experiences working with First People from the APY Lands and what he feels In This Together means for his community. Continue reading …

Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week

Common Grace is exploring the concept of Reconciliation as Walking Together. Each day during National Reconciliation Week you can hear reflections by Aboriginal Christian Leaders on how to walk together. Sign up here to receive the reflections in your inbox!

Aboriginal Christian Leader, Aunty Jean Phillips has provided a powerful picture of the meaning of Reconciliation in her words about her friendship with Lois Campbell who walked with Aunty Jean on the journey for more than 30 years:

Reconciliation means putting into practice what you believe, not just about talk but putting actions to your words. Like Lois Campbell, a dear friend of mine who just recently passed away–she was on the journey with us for more than 30 years. With her husband, she supported our ministry here in Brisbane, but was also part of other church groups committed to listening, learning and action. Lois fed people at the January 26 Marches. She faithfully attended our soup nights and dinners, helping with the food and other efforts. Some of the proceeds from the sale of her house were given back to Aboriginal ministry. Reconciliation is not just a feeling, or talk. Through her actions and friendship, Lois lived Reconciliation.