Reflections 2019-2021

Reflections from Advent 2020 to Community of Christ 2021 (Revised Common Lectionary Year B)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
21/11/2021On kings, and kingdom languageRev Dr Josephine InkpinThe Reign, or Community, of Christ or Christ the King BtextNo video, sorry
20/11/2021Divine hugs in all that we areRev Dr Josephine InkpinTransgender Day of Remembrance text
14/11/2021Honest Doubt- A way forward!Kevin DallasPentecost 25Btextvideo
07/11/2021Enabling different voicesRev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Benjamin OhPentecost 24Btextvideo
31/10/2021Love one another…..Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin, Marjan McKeough, Helen BoermaPentecost 23Btextvideo
24/10/2021Hearing Voices We Don’t Want to Hear, Seeing Those We Don’t Want to SeeElizabeth LeePentecost 22Btextvideo
17/10/2021How do we share hospitality -
in the face of sexual abuse?
Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 21Btextvideo
10/10/2021Mental Health – The Journey to WholenessDr Jac Brown – read by Dave CahilapPentecost 20B - Mental Health Sundaytextvideo
03/10/2021Laudato si’Patricia GemmellCreation 5Btextvideo
26/09/2021Birthing and bearing the new creationRev Dr Josephine InkpinCreation 4Btextvideo
19/09/3021What Would Jesus Do – about climate change? Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin, Gerard McEvilly & Vivien LangfordCreation 3Btextvideo
12/09/2021An Adventure in Beauty and GraceMembers of Glenbrook Uniting Church and othersCreation 2Btextvideo
05/09/2021How do we relate to the Earth?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinCreation 1Btextvideo
29/08/2021On tradition not being a stuffed gorillaRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 14Btextvideo
22/08/2021Feeding through experienceRev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Rev Penny JonesPentecost 13Btextvideo
15/08/2021How do we feed on scripture?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 12Btextvideo
08/08/2021Bread of LifeMarion Maddox, Helen Sanderson and Jolyon BromleyPentecost 11Btextvideo
01/08/2021What is there to eat?Rev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 10Btextvideo
25/7/2021The Road Seen, Then Not Seen Rev Dr Sarah BachelardPentecost 9Btextvideo
18/07/2021Touching Points and Entry WaysRev Penny JonesPentecost 8Btextvideo
11/07/2021Are these the stories we want to hear? Are these the stories we need to hear?
Elizabeth LeePentecost 7B, end of NAIDOC Weektextvideo
04/07/2021Travelling light – with or without honourRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 6Btextvideo
27/06/2021Risky Interruptions and Crossing Over – attraversiamo!Rev Penny JonesPentecost 5Btextvideo
20/06/2021Can we go back from where we came fromAunty Pearl WymarraPentecost 4Btextvideo
13/06/2021Living as parables and artistsRev Dr Josephine InkpinPentecost 3Btextvideo
06/06/2021The Early Christian Sense of Wonder at God’s CreationProtopresbyter Dr Doru CostachePentecost 2Btextvideo
30/05/2021Reconciliation SundayRev Lionel Robson, Meredith Knight, and Ruth LambertTrinity Btextvideo
23/05/2021Pentecost Imaginings Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Rev Penny JonesPentecost Btextvideo
16/05/2021Uniting as the oceansRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 7Btextvideo
09/05/2021The good news of love, fruit and friendsRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 6Btextvideo
02/05/2021Where are we going to live?Rev Penny JonesEaster 5Btextvideo
25/04/2021Myths, memories and making peaceRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 4B (Anzac Day)textvideo
18/04/2021When God was a fishRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 3Btextvideo
11/04/2021Praying the Body ElectricRev Dr Josephine InkpinEaster 2Btextvideo
04/04/2021What is Resurrection for us?Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Rev Penny JonesEaster Day Btextvideo
02/04/2021Seven Circles of SufferingRev Dr Josephine Inkpin and Rev Penny JonesGood Friday Btextvideo
28/03/2021Becoming the wonky donkey - Jesus’ flash mob and the queer art of failureRev Dr Josephine InkpinPalm Sunday Btextvideo
21/03/2021Care - Love’s endeavour. Love’s expense? Rev Dr Josephine InkpinLent 5Btextvideo
14/03/2021Induction of Rev Dr Josephine Inkpin Dr Miriam Pepper textvideo
14/03/2021What is the spirit saying to the people?Jolyon BromleyLent 4Btextvideo
07/03/2021Upturning The TablesElizabeth LeeLent 3Btextvideo
28/02/2021Turning pointsRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellLent 2Btextvideo
21/02/2021The WildernessRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasLent 1Btextvideo
14/02/2021Crossing the thresholdRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellTransfiguration Btextvideo
07/02/2021What is Good News in a time of polarisation?Rev Karyn Burchell-ThomasEpiphany 5Btextvideo
31/01/2021“The Christian ethic of love and freedom”Allison ForrestEpiphany 4Btextvideo
24/01/2021Pushed to strange placesRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellDay of Mourning Btextvideo
17/01/2021Come and SeeDr Byron SmithEpiphany 2B textvideo
10/01/2021Hope and the waters of baptismWarren TalbotBaptism of Jesus Btextvideo
3/01/2021 Deep ListeningJolyon BromleyChristmas 2Btextvideo
27/12/2020Birth done … now what?Rev Gareth Thomas-BurchellChristmas 1Btextvideo
25/12/2020An Unhurried ChristmasRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasChristmas Day Btextvideo
20/12/2020Waiting with LoveRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasAdvent 4Btextvideo
13/12/2020Defiant JoyRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellAdvent 3Btextvideo
6/12/2020Waiting for Peace Rev Karyn Burchell-ThomasAdvent 2Btextvideo
29/11/2020Advent is not finiteRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellAdvent 1Btextvideo

Reflections from Advent 2019 to Community of Christ 2020 (Revised Common Lectionary Year A)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
22/11/2020HopeRev Karyn Burchell-Thomas,
Jake Brown and Suzanne Leal
Community of Christ Atextvideo
15/11/2020Hope during Covid-19Rev Gareth Thomas-Burchell,
Gillian Hunt, Sheila Walkerden and Will Ray
Pentecost 24Atextvideo
08/11/2020Liminal Space Rev Karyn Burchell-Thomas,
Warren Talbot and Kent Rayson
Pentecost 23Atextvideo
01/11/2020A Cloud of WitnessRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasPentecost 22 Atextvideo
25/10/2020Loving God and Neighbour as self Rev Karyn Burchell-ThomasPentecost 21 Atextvideo
18/10/2020Into the liminal space of God’s graceRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellPentecost 20Atextvideo
11/10/2020When Showing Up Isn't Enough Rev Bronwyn MurphyPentecost 19Atextvideo
04/10/2020Ethical Decision making…..rules or justice focussedDes PerryPentecost 18Atextvideo
27/09/2020RiversElizabeth MaddoxCreation 4textvideo
20/09/2020WildernessBeth Sergeant, Peter Bennett and Rosie WhileyCreation 3textvideo
13/09/2020'God in Creation' and 'Smelling the Roses'Peter Berry and Judy Johnson Creation 2textvideo
06/09/2020‘Creation’s Sabbath’ and "Collective Wellbeing"Prof Mark Tjoelker and Dr Miriam Williams Creation 1textvideo
30/08/2020A New Way of BeingKevin DallasPentecost 13Atextvideo
23/08/2020Recognising PresenceRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasPentecost 12Atextvideo
16/08/2020Did Jesus change his Mission Plan? Rev Gareth Thomas-BurchellPentecost 11Atextvideo
09/08/2020Responding to the call of God in turbulent timesDawn RobsonPentecost 10Atextvideo
02/08/2020Loaves, fishes and miracles of another kindRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasPentecost 9Atextvideo
26/07/2020What a surprise!Rev Gareth Thomas-BurchellPentecost 8Atextvideo
19/07/2020Leave the Weeding to GodRev Dr David GillPentecost 7Atextvideo
12/07/2020What we inherit to hold, let go, pass on or re-define?Elizabeth Watson, John Thorpe and Rev Karyn Burchell-ThomasPentecost 6Atextvideo
05/07/2020Resident AliensRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellPentecost 5Atextvideo
28/06/2020Even a cup of cold waterRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasPentecost 4Atextvideo
21/06/2020Stories of being part of the Uniting ChurchRev Gareth Thomas-Burchell,
Annette Allerding and Suzanne Leal
Pentecost 3A, UCA Anniversarytextvideo
14/06/2020Compassion-fatigue and moral dilemmaRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellPentecost 2Atextvideo
07/06/2020Celebrating Ecological and Cultural Diversity through Interfaith and Intersectional Climate ActivismFahimah BadrulhishamTrinity Atextvideo
31/05/2020What is your language?Rev Gareth Thomas-BurchellPentecost Atextvideo
24/05/2020Linked by the Spirit - It’s a relationship Rev Karyn Burchell-ThomasEaster 7Atextvideo
17/05/2020I Will Not Leave You OrphanedElizabeth LeeEaster 6Atextvideo
10/05/2020Being thrown off guard Rev Gareth Thomas-BurchellEaster 5Atextvideo
03/05/2020So Many VoicesRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasEaster 4Atextvideo
26/04/2020Post-Easter Struggles in a Global PandemicElizabeth WatsonEaster 3Atextvideo
19/04/2020Let Us Start With DoubtGareth Thomas-Burcell Easter 2Atextvideo
12/04/2020Easter SundayGareth Thomas-Burcell and Karyn Burchell-ThomasEaster Atextvideo
10/04/2020Good FridayGareth Thomas-Burcell and Karyn Burchell-ThomasGood Friday Avideo
05/04/2020Which ParadeRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellPalm Sunday Atextvideo
29/03/2020Raised Again!Rev Gareth Thomas-BurchellLent 5Atextvideo
22/03/2020A Woman’s StoryRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasLent 4Atextvideo
15/03/2020Learning to seeRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellLent 3Atextvideo
08/03/2020Coming out for JesusRev Gareth Thomas-BurchellLent 2Atextvideo
01/03/2020FortyRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasLent 1Atextvideo
23/02/2020The transformational thin space of Transfiguration.Rev Gareth Thomas-BurchellTransfiguration ATextvideo
16/02/2020Feelings matter – Outcomes moreRev Karyn Burchell-ThomasEpiphany 6Atextvideo
09/02/2020Showing your Salt and your Light Rev Gareth Thomas-BurchellEpiphany 5Atextvideo
02/02/2020Blessed are ...Rev Karyn Burchell- ThomasEpiphany 4Atextvideo
26/01/2020Who Me?Ms Elizabeth LeeEpiphany 3Atextvideo
19/01/2020Trust (Come and See)Dr Liz WatsonEpiphany 2Atextvideo
12/01/2020Baptism of JesusMs Dawn RobsonChristmas 3Atextvideo
05/01/2020The Ministry of Hospitality and Servanthood: about how to liveRev Isobel BishopChristmas 2Atextvideo
01/01/2020Christmas - Putting the pieces together (Ourselves)Rev Dr Jason JohnChristmas 1Atextvideo
25/12/2019Christmas is for youRev Dr Jason JohnChristmas Atextvideo
24/12/2019O com, o come, EmmanuelMr Warren TalbotChristmas Eve Atextvideo
22/12/2019Reflections on Hope and CouragePhil Ryan, John Thorpe & Patricia CurthoysAdvent 4Atextvideo
15/12/2019Anticipating Justice and LoveRev Dr Margaret MaymanAdvent 3Atextvideo
08/12/2019Hope for Peace by Practising PeaceRev Dr Margaret MaymanAdvent 2Atextvideo
01/12/2019Active HopeRev Dr Margaret MaymanAdvent 1Atextvideo

Reflections from Advent 2018 to Community of Christ 2019 (Revised Common Lectionary Year C)

DateTitleSpeakerLectionary WeekTextVideo
24/11/2019Community of ChristRev Raymond JosoCommunity of Christ Ctextvideo
17/11/2019Visions of what is to comeRev Ben GilmourPentecost 23Ctextvideo
10/11/2019Mental Health MonthMs Ruth OslingtonPentecost 22Ctextvideo
27/10/2019Powers of the WeakRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 20Ctextvideo
20/10/2019The Persistent Widow and a Persistent GodRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 19Ctextno video
13/10/2019For the Welfare of the CityRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 18Ctextvideo
06/10/2019Faith is a way of life, not a commodityRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 17Ctextvideo
29/09/2019'Stuffed and Starved' and Seeing LazarusRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 16Ctextvideo
22/09/2019Practical actions for creationGerard McEvilly, Fiona Bennett, Orange Kao, Vinita JosephCreation - Cosmostextvideo
15/09/2019In the eye of the stormRev Dr Margaret MaymanCreation - Stormtextvideo
08/09/2019All creatures great and smallMr Warren TalbotCreation - Faunatextvideo
01/09/2019Walk gently with Earth: reflections on Job,
Yahweh and Earth
Mr Warren TalbotCreation - Earthtextvideo
25/08/2019Acting for peace - standing up for liberation
and compassion
Rev Dr M Mayman, Dr Florina Xavier, Mr Andy CorkillPentecost 11Ctextvideo
18/08/2019Promise and presence in the fire of changeRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 10Ctextvideo
04/08/2019Call to CovenantRev Colin BradfordPentecost 8Ctextvideo
28/07/2019The revolutionary prayer of JesusRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost 7Ctextvideo
21/07/2019Distracted or present?Ms Helen BoermaPentecost 6Ctextvideo
07/07/2019The Hospitality of StrangersMr Craig LinnPentecost 4Ctextvideo
30/06/2019Praising the God of all Creatures -
the practical challenge
Prof David CloughPentecost 3Ctextvideo
23/06/2019A Disruptive WorldRev Jane Fry, General Secretary of the Synod of NSW and the ACTPentecost 2Ctextvideo
16/06/2019Refugee SundayMs Frances Paterson and Dr Michael DudleyRefugee Sundaytextvideo
09/06/2019Spirit, church, homeRev Dr Margaret MaymanPentecost Ctextvideo
02/06/2019The unthinkable, and a Christian responseMs Thea OrmerodWorld Environment Daytextvideo
19/05/2019Jesus the strangerMr Andrew IrvineEaster 5Ctextvideo
12/05/2019Feeding, healing, bringing lifeRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster 4Ctextvideo
05/05/2019Changing paths together - in the service of othersMs Tracey BurtonEaster 3Ctextvideo
28/04/2019Peace be with youMr Will Ray and Ms Ruth LambertEaster 2Ctextvideo
21/04/2019Embracing love's returnRev Dr Margaret MaymanEaster Sundaytextvideo
19/04/2019Good FridayRev Dr Margaret MaymanGood Fridaytextvideo
14/04/2019When stones cry outRev Simon HansfordPalm Sundaytextvideo
07/04/2019Jesus is not your superheroRev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 5Ctextvideo
31/03/2019Coming home to ourselves and our worldRev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 4Ctestvideo
24/3/2019Believing and belongingRev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 1Ctextvideo
17/03/2019Facing Fear - keeping faithRev Dr Margaret MaymanLent 1Ctextvideo
10/03/2019Whose Authority?Mr Kevin DallasLent 1Ctextvideo
03/03/2019Another Step Forward - Our Journey to inclusive marriage in the UCAMs Hannah ReeveTransfiguration of Jesustextvideo
24/02/2019Forgiveness is not denial. Enemies are real.Rev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 7Ctextvideo
17/02/2019Blessed be ... interdependenceRev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 6Ctextvideo
10/02/2019Words that work for usRev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 5Ctextvideo
03/02/2019Speaking the truth in loveMr Bruce IrvineEpiphany 4Ctextvideo
27/01/2019Gifts and Good NewsRev Dr Margaret MaymanEpiphany 3Ctextvideo
20/01/2019Day of MourningRev Dr Raymond JosoEpiphany 2Ctextvideo
13/01/2019The Grail Castle ExperienceMr Jolyon BromleyBaptism of Jesustextvideo
06/01/2019Follow the light of ChristMs Dawn RobsonEpiphany Ctextvideo
30/12/2018Parenting and parentageMr Des PerryChristmas 1Ctextvideo
25/12/2018ChristmasRev Dr Margaret MaymanChristmas Cno textvideo
24/12/2018Candle light, starlight, divine lightRev Dr Margaret MaymanChristmas Eve Cno textvideo
23/12/2018Mary is stealing your cosy ChristmasRev Dr Magaret MaymanAdvent 4Cno textvideo
16/12/2018The History of ChristmasThe Pitt Street PlayersAdvent 3Cno textvideo
09/12/2018Advent of the Peace ChildRev Dr Margaret MaymanAdvent 2Ctextvideo
02/12/2018A Season of AnticipationMr Will RayAdvent 1Ctextvideo