Eco-Justice - previous initiatives

Our building and operations:

Earthweb developed a purchasing policy for the Church to ensure resources used by the church are environmentally and ethically sound. We also sourced environmental footprint estimates to guide specific purchase decisions such as display screens and heaters.

Our site is not suitable for solar power, so we raised funds to switch to greenpower through Energy Locals.

A number of energy-saving measures have been implemented, including upgrading fluorescent lights in the church to LEDs.
Organic matter such as food waste and flowers are taken home for composting by volunteers.

Congregational awareness and education:

We have hosted after-church screenings of relevant films such as “Regenerating Australia”.

Earthweb provided varied input to Season of Creation services, including sharing online reflections with Glenbrook Uniting Church and running a “Climate Q&A session”.

Publication of regular “green tips” in the Pitt St eNews letter.

Engagement with wider faith and community group activities:

The Earthweb team has organised “letters’n’lunch” for letter writing to MPs prior to Federal and State elections and to the Prime Minister urging him to take serious action on the climate crisis.

Through our links to the wider climate action network, we publicised and engaged in local actions including prayer vigils, street protests, lobbying of banks who finance coal industry expansion and meetings with Members of Parliament.

Pitt Street provided a place of refuge for activists from Blockade Australia to use during their week of non-violent direct actions in 2022.

We hosted public screenings of documentaries on environmental topics.

We made a submission to the Environment Protection Authority regarding the Regional Forest Agreements Review 2018 - read our 2018 submission - and the RFA report: Regional Forest Agreement in NSW: Have they achieved their aims?