Pastoral Notice - January-2021

Dear Pitt Street Uniting Church Community,

Return to Live Worship commencing 24th January 2021

This last year of experiencing a world-wide viral Pandemic has brought us many challenges. Not long after the Covid19 virus reached our shores we found ourselves living differently in our personal and public lives.

In response to varying legal and health requirements and out of a real concern for the health of members and friends we have, throughout 2020, offered worship online supported by liturgies, children's worksheets and other materials for reflection and meditation. The wider life of the Church has continued, but again differently no less touched and inspired by the creative, caring Spirit of God.

It has been a great comfort to be able to keep in touch in many ways knowing that the work and life of the Church does indeed continue and we are very grateful for the many, many people who have dedicated their time and efforts to do so, often learning and honing new skills along the way. All of which will help us as we develop and broaden how we communicate with what has become a wider community than before.

However we are also very aware of the void left in not being able to meet regularly in person on Sundays in particular. It is our hope that we are now in a position for this to change, not because the threat of the virus is less, indeed new strains are proving a challenge, but because as a wider community we have now developed strategies and practices that will help us live in a way that is less isolated while still taking care. In this we need to remain vigilant.

Reading Resources

Services will be conducted according to COVID-19 requirements.

Please read our PRC Endorsed COVID Safe Plan.

Further information about COVID-19 saftey for community gathering:
NSW Health - Shared Responsibility - being COVID safe.
NSW Health Guidelines for Places of Worship - COVID safe places of worship.
NSW UCA Synod COVID Safe Road Map.
NSW UCA Synod COVID Current Guidance Note -Oct-20.

It is with great delight that the Church Council at its meeting last night, Thursday, 14th January 2021, made the decision to resume face-to-face worship and hopefully indefinitely, commencing 10.00 am every Sunday morning commencing 24th January 2021.

Services will be held with all care and following all requirements for Covid19 safety. We have a wonderful team of people who are equipped to ensure this takes place. Should circumstances beyond our control change, we will continue to provide a service recorded at the Church with a small team under strict health guidelines and for the service to be uploaded and hopefully, live-streamed in real time. Work is being done on making this possible.

Regardless of the pandemic, this new year of 2021 promises to be an exciting time for the Pitt Street Uniting Church community as we prepare to welcome Rev. Dr. Josephine lnkpin as Minister. Preparations are already well underway for her arrival and we look forward to welcoming Josephine and Penny into our community just six weeks from now.

In the meantime we can look forward to gathering for worship on Sundays once again allowing for us to sense the presence, inspiration and encouragement of the Divine Spirit swirling in and through us as a community. We look forward to this time.

Blessings and Peace
Ministers in Supply

Rev Karyn Burchell-Thomas - Rev Gareth Thomas-Burchell